Receivership Services

Lenders with underperforming assets regularly turn to Thomas Group Consulting for market analysis, strategy, and direction.

Whether selected as a receiver or selected to provide receivership support the team Thomas Group Consulting can be counted on to deliver exemplary results. Led by Judge Thomas, The TGC Receivership Practice has a network of skilled legal counsel and other qualified real estate professionals in place who can be deployed to any engagement.

Here are just some of the services we provide:

  • Assess additional information needed to operate the receivership

  • Gather and maintain all records, leases, plans, files and documents that are available

  • Hire, bid and oversee the completion of any necessary capital improvements

  • Hire leasing resources to negotiate and modify leases at property as necessary to stabilize and enhance value

  • If necessary, challenge real estate tax assessment for the property

  • Keep all parties informed through required reporting to the courts and other requested reporting by parties

  • Move quickly to take control of the rents and expenses at the property

  • Prepare accounting in the required format for the property to keep all parties informed

  • Provide market and property information

  • Regularly prepare and update property budgets

  • Stabilize and physically maintain the property per the receivership order

  • Work with local governmental authorities to resolve any outstanding permit of entitlement issues

  • Work with parties to assist in settling title issues plaguing the property

With over four decades of experience, TGC’s Receivership services practice is a trusted source of thought leadership and skill for lenders and owners of distressed real estate assets.