Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

A survey by Forbes Insights of more than 300 senior executives– 32% who were in HR or talent management– found their business’ diversity and inclusion concerns include:

  • 65% said the recruitment of diverse employees
  • 44% said retention of varied skill
  • 35% said guaranteeing diversity in the workplace
  • 29% said establishing a robust pipeline of varied skill
  • 28% stated handling cross-generational concerns
  • Forbes Insights study of diversity and addition programs
  • 65% of senior executives think the obligation for executing variety and addition programs falls on HR, while 45% state it’s the responsibility of senior leaders within a service system or department.
  • 56% of the companies surveyed highly agree that variety assists drive development. It’s clear that they believe this innovation benefit is achieved through their capability to attract and hire diverse talent.

Variety and additional best practices

A study of 330 HR executives by Professor Roberson found that diversity and inclusion best practices include:

If we could not measure the impact of our diversity and addition efforts and programs, it would be a hard sell among company executives.