Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Practice

Community engagement requires community members and public decision-makers to engage for the greater good. At Thomas Group Consulting, our community engagement strategies require intentional interactions between communities, public decision-makers, and private or public organizations.

Community Engagement Principles

We hold that community engagement is based upon the democratic idea that everyone who is impacted by an issue that affects their community must have a say in the decisions that are made. Proper community involvement and engagement can be critical in shaping the arrangement of services, future visions, and sustainability of neighborhoods in Detroit and across the State of Michigan.

Our clients care about citizens in our neighborhoods actively shaping policies and procedures via community engagement strategies to define the services and impact profile of projects on communities.

Why Is Community Engagement Important?

The objective of a community engagement project is to kick-start a collaborative process in which the goals of all participants, through deliberate interactions between government, companies, and neighborhoods affect policymaking. 

The Thomas Group’s Community Engagement practice focus is on deploying methods to better engage neighborhoods to assist their representatives to make better public decisions.  

Community Engagement Techniques

When most effective – governments and organizations leverage great engagement strategies that employ conventional and digital tactics and action plans.

Digital Community Engagement

While there is no substitute for in-person engagement, our team deploys “digital-first” community engagement playbooks with our clients in lock-step with technological advances as well as to keep our communities safe. Digital engagement strategies allow projects to scale up coverage, drill deeper into issues, and collapse the time it takes to surface the real issues at play.

Conventional Community Engagement

Our team is one of the strongest conventional or “in-person” community engagement teams in the region.  Our grassroots strategies are designed to provide empathy and understanding when the situation calls for it. Door-knocking and canvassing are well within our purview as well.

Regardless of how we facilitate community engagement, the strategies we put into play for our clients look for solutions in the face of how challenging community interaction can really be.

As native Detroiters and Michiganders – the team at TGC has become known for our expertise in bridging the gap between our clients and the community.   We engage based upon the shared lived experience of the people in the neighborhoods we serve.  Members take a front seat and we use in-context regional knowledge to help shape policy.  That is -making procedures, challenges a top-down approach to public decision making. In demonstrating that community contribution matters, public participation challenges the direct, or one-way relationship between federal government companies and neighborhoods.

Our approach towards community engagement ensures the community participants have the information they need in order to meaningfully participate and contribute to the solution to policy challenges through feedback and understand how their input affects public decisions