Buzz and Terence have been friends since they were 14 years old. But the seed for Thomas Group Consulting wasn’t planted until decades later.

Buzz was wrapping up a term as a well-respected Michigan legislator, and Terence was looking for his next move after a celebrated career in the legal & business professions. The idea for a consulting group really came from Terence’s frustration over the quality and ethical standards he saw in single-person consulting and lobbying firms in the area.

He saw a need in the market to get things done, productively and ethically. He felt that, to be successful, there needed to be two partners – to hold each other accountable. So he gave Buzz a call and pitched him the idea of a lobbying firm: one where they could work together to connect clients with decision makers in Detroit.

…Buzz didn’t get back to him.

They each launched their own businesses separately. And they both did very well. After complaining to a mutual friend about the challenges of being in business on their own, Buzz and Terence finally talked.

They started Thomas Group Consulting with one principle: we share everything. While they both have a gift for connections, they had diversity of experience and each partner brought something unique to the table. The best-in-class partners who work with Thomas Group wield the strengths and relationship capital of Thomas Group’s entire team, to advance their business needs.