What We Do 

What We Do

Advocacy is where consulting, lobbying and recruiting overlap. This is our sweet spot. This is where we serve our clients best.

We refer to our work at Thomas Group as advocacy because we are not lobbyists; we do not guarantee a specific outcome or policy changes. We are more than consultants; we actively work beside our clients, seeking to build productive relationships. We advocate for them. We help identify threats in their ecosystem, introduce them to the right influencers, and facilitate speedy decisions that allow them to get back to running their business.

We leverage our vast network and strong relationship capital to connect clients with decision makers in a productive context. Whether you’re new to the region and unsure how to get started, want to improve your business relationships, or need help overcoming roadblocks, our team can offer the strategic support, guidance and access to get it done.

Do you have a business solution that needs support? Looking to be matched up with a certain organization, political figure or community leader? Chances are we know them. Let us introduce you.